The Pied Piper Tales

She can hypnotize with a single note. Will entry into a hidden world unleash her dark power? Kyra has always had trouble fitting in at school. But when the descendant of the famed Pied Piper accidentally zombifies her crush, popularity doesn’t get any easier. After her father kicks her out for using her power, she must embark on a dangerous quest to control her lyrical curse…As a distant relative and a piper from another clan vie for her allegiance, Kyra tries to resist the dark octaves of her magic. When a rival attempts to use her for dark purposes, can the new piper learn her magical melody before the coda enslaves her for good? A Piper’s Song is the first book in The Pied Piper Tales series of YA urban fantasy fairy tales. If you like dark twists on old fables, determined heroines, and unique worlds, then you’ll love C.K. Johnson’s sonorous saga. Buy A Piper’s Song to let the music take you today!

Kyra thought competing in the Fields would protect her from her uncle’s wrath. Now he has sent out a bounty song, calling all Pipers to bring him Kyra’s head. With the help of Chase – a rogue Piper with the ability to see the future – and Aiden – the son of a chieftain Kyra is slated to dethrone – Kyra must find the courage to face the chieftains who Silenced and murdered her mentor’s wife before they do the same to her. The Piper’s Revenge is the second book in “The Pied Piper Tales” series of YA urban fantasy fairy tales.

Dark songs never die. Kyra is the first Reine Piper to lead her clan without the blessing of the European chieftains, but the price of breaking with tradition is deadly. As Kyra faces the challenges that come with her throne, relationships with friends will be tested. Will she be able to survive their attacks one last time to stop herself and her clan from being killed or will this be her final encore? Reine Piper is the third book in “The Pied Piper Tales” series of YA urban fantasy fairy tales.

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