About the Author

C.K. Johnson was born in a small town in Oklahoma. Her 5+ books for both adults and tweens/teens have included multiple award-winning titles. When not writing, C.K. enjoys reading, responding to fans, binge watching on Netflix, and hanging out with her family and friends. She currently lives in Pleasant Grove, Utah with her dog, various cats, and a chicken named Popcorn.

10 Things You Didn’t Know about C.K. Johnson

  • Popcorn, her chicken, got the name from adoring kettlecorn. Every day when C.K. comes homes she is greeted by the chicken (in hopes there is popcorn in the car).
  • C.K. has run 11 marathons and hopes to run one more someday.
  • She still loves Nanowrimo and still tries to do it each year.
  • She loves the British candy bar Crunchie and would eat it every day if she could.
  • Her superpower is cleaning the house quickly before visitors come over and finding random amazing sales.
  • Uncle Clark from the Supernaturals Anonymous series holds a special place in her heart as he has many similar characteristics to her father who passed away.
  • When she’s in the middle of reading or writing a good story, C.K. will stay up until all hours to finish it.
  • The ghost in the Supernatural Anonymous series came to her while watching a comedy sketch. The comedian was joking about people making up fake significant others. C.K. thought: “what if the girlfriend was there, but no one could see her because she’s a ghost?
  • She puts Easter eggs in her stories to link her universes.
  • She often adds the names of avid fans she has heard from (with their permission) into each project.

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